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Having kids, caring for them, and keeping up with their schedules is not easy. It is the duty of every parent to ensure their kids succeed in every area of their lives.


It might involve schoolwork, sports, or even socializing. Also, sports are among the most enjoyable activities parents may enjoy with their kids. Kids are easily engaged as much as the activity is enjoyable.


One of these fun things to do is cycling. It’s a fun activity that both parents and kids may enjoy at the same time. It’s possible for it to be both educational and enjoyable, making it a good choice for kids.


If they want their child to love cycling, parents should get them a suitable bike. The bike should be user-friendly and enjoyable to ride if this is the kid’s first time on two wheels.

Woom Bikes, a famous brand, will be the focus of this article. Woom Bikes is a well-known Austrian company that makes bikes for kids. 


Whether you’re looking for a 12″ balance bike or a 26″ mountain bike, the woom bike is probably the finest choice for your kid.


Woom is known for producing high-quality bikes for children. They are light, have shapes that are good for kids, and are made of high-quality materials.


Because of these factors, it’s much easier to get into cycling and continue improving as a rider.


So, let’s take Woom bikes for a ride and see what we can find out about them.

Brand New Woom Bike

Why We Love Woom Bikes

Woom bikes are built to last and are the peak of design and engineering.


The simplicity and ease of riding a woom bike make them a lot of fun. Because they are designed with children in mind, woom bikes provide little to no difficulty for new riders.


Don’t all kids’ bikes accommodate kids? The answer is no! 


The majority of adult-sized parts are used in the construction of other kids’ bikes. The adult body is broader and has different dimensions. 

But, Woom bikes are created and made specifically to fit children’s bodies and their specific sizes.

The frames, pedals, brakes, and handlebars of Woom bikes are all made with children in mind. 


Woom’s frames let kids roam around and ride without feeling confined. Also, the gear components in woom cycles are scaled down for smaller riders, making them easier to pedal. 


Because of its compact design, kids can pedal a woom by just squatting down and pushing. A woom bike has more efficient pedal strokes. It makes it possible for kids to ride far without starting to get tired.


Also, the brake levers are within a child’s range and are easily accessible. Because children’s demands change as they develop, woom bikes also grow in size. 


You can get your kid moving on two wheels with Woom’s small and large balancing bikes. The smaller 14″ and 16″ Woom pedal bikes feature an upright riding stance, making them ideal for novice riders.


While mature riders prefer the more leaned-in stance of their 20″, 24″, and 26″ bikes.

There aren’t many bikes that are as light as a Woom bike. The lightweight and durable 6061 aluminum tube frames are ideal for kid riders. You may also spin them around and lift them above your head.


There are many children’s bikes on sale that weigh between 40 and 60 per cent of kids. Can you ride a bike for half your weight?


Woom bikes for kids often weigh around 30 per cent less than a kid’s weight. Because of this, children will have an easier way of riding and controlling them.


For example, a 35-pound, 5-year-old kid enjoys riding his Woom 3 16″ bike. The bike is only 13.1 pounds heavy, which is only 34% of his weight. 


Also, the famous Superb Riprock 16″ Woom bike weighs 20.25 lbs. This equals 60% of his weight and nearly twice the woom’s weight!

When it comes to kids, color is crucial. The many vibrant colors available for woom ensure that every child will discover one they love.


There are five vibrant, exciting color options for the woom one to four range (balance bike to 20-inch bike).


Woom 5 and 6 are mostly offered in red for older youngsters who desire a more formal appearance.


You can also get them in grey, mint green, navy blue and even pink!

We’ve tested woom bikes for five years. We have been so pleased by their commitment to innovation over the past few years.


They are always looking for modest ways to make their already great designs even better. They keep improving features, making bikes lighter, and adding new high-end parts every year.


Woom’s recent version includes two features not available on other children’s bikes. They use geared bikes with ergonomic handlebars and a narrow-wide chainring.

Comfortable Locking Grip

Woom bikes of all sizes feature comfortable grips. It helps a child's wrists, and hands feel less tired while travelling. Their unique "wing" grip allows users to have a roomier palm.

This makes it easier to ride for longer periods. The "wing" cannot twist into an unsafe posture because the grips lock in to stay.

Narrow-wide Chainring

Woom 4, 5, and 6 use a narrow-wide chainring to avoid chain accidents. When the chain goes through a narrow-wide chainring. It is held in place more securely because the slots of the chainring are of varying widths and shapes.

That’s why it’s quite rare that the chain will ever fall off.

The brake levers on woom bikes are suited for little hands, yet they still provide plenty of stopping force. The green braking lever on the right side of woom 2 and 3 is an extra safety element.


The green brake lever reminds youngsters always to use the right brake first. Also, the Woom 2 has a coaster brake built in. You can buy a freewheel kit if you want to get rid of that annoying back pedal brake.


The woom 2 and 3 have a tightly sealed chain guard, which is another wonderful safety feature. The guard’s main job is to ensure that pants don’t get stuck in the chain.


The chain guard also keeps grease from getting on your pants or in your hands. It also keeps dirt and dust from getting into the chain and chainrings, keeping them clean and making them last longer.

Woom bikes also have a fantastic Upcycle Program. If you pay the one-time membership fee you can swap in your old woom for 40% off a new one. 


The service allows you to trade in an unlimited number of bicycles. But when you return the bikes, they have to be in “good” shape. 


If you decide not to join the UpCycle program. Because Woom bikes are so well made, they have a high resale value. 


Woom bikes are fairly expensive, but there are ways to recover a fair amount of your investment either by upcycling or selling privately secondhand.


You may be looking for a balance bike for your child or a bike for your preteen who likes to ride about town at high speeds. They can have more enjoyment by using a Woom bike.


Nothing is more upsetting than watching kids struggling on heavy, poorly constructed bikes. So, you should spend the money on a good bike for them.


The money is well spent on Woom bikes. They are made for kids and have solid and long-lasting parts. Woom is widely recognized as a leading producer of high-quality kid’s bikes. 


They have thousands of happy consumers and excellent ratings all across the world.


We hope you find this review helpful and choose the new bike for your loving kids.









9 /10