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Make-A-Fort Review

If you want to encourage your kids to use their imaginations and play creatively when they’re at home. You might want to buy them an indoor fort-building kit to keep their minds active.


Forts have always been a great way to spend a lot of time having fun. Because of the stress created by Covid-19, a fort kit can serve as a haven for children. 


A fort also gives kids a chance to play without electronic goods and do things with their hands.

Make-A-Fort is great for developing coordination, agility, social talents, and problem-solving ability. But we think the best forts are the ones you build yourself. 


The kits are the ultimate in fort-making fun for kids. We were excited to find out about Make-A-ready-made Fort’s fort kits. 


We assumed that “our kids already construct forts.” What else could Make-A-Fort possibly offer that our kids don’t already have?

Make-A-Fort Shark Kit
Make-A-Fort Minecraft Kit

Make-A-Fort Kit

Make-A-Fort building kits let kids play alone or with their siblings to build amazing things with or without a parent’s assistance. 


A child’s potential for self-reflection, teamwork, and initiative are all enhanced with each new experience at Make-A-Fort. 


Children can create their fort in interesting ways because they are mini-engineers. Your child can make things like houses, castles, corridors, tunnels, and so on. 


They can build just about anything they want with this fun kit.

The cardboard used to create Make-A-Fort panels has been improved to make it much more robust. It’s a lot stronger than the cardboard used in most shipping boxes. 


We tested this by placing bricks on a Make-A-Fort board and a piece of packing box board. The Make-A-Fort board can easily handle three bricks. The shipment box broke with 1/2 a load of brick. 


When compared to standard folded cardboard, the Make-A-Fort board was nearly six times stronger.


It’s great a product like Make-A-Fort that encourages children just to be kids. This kit can allow your kid to be a kid without the stress of screens, TVs, and other electronic gadgets. 


When playing is complete, simply place the entire kit in the included carrying bag and store it away in a drawer or closet. This Make-A-Fort kit has a unique look and is made of strong materials. 


It’s perfect for letting your kids imagine and create anything from a pirate ship to a castle. Also, your kids can use their pieces again and again easily.

There are also drawings all over the boards. It demands young painters to draw them in with bright hues using pencils, markers, or non-hazardous paint. 


The cardboard used to create Make-A-Fort panels is a recyclable material. The panels themselves may be recycled when the toy is worn out. So, this fort kit is environment friendly. 


Only a few toys are enjoyable for the whole family, like Make-A-Fort. It’s a fun activity for the whole family, from young children to their parents.


The panels and connectors of a Make-A-Fort can be assembled in seconds without the need for glue, tape, or other fixing methods. Even when the fort is completed, the fun continues. 


These award-winning forts are the gateway to a lot of fun and games.

Fun For The Whole Family!

How Can Kids Make A Fort?

The connectors and bracing must first be removed before you can begin to assemble. The kit comes with a detailed, color-coded book of instructions to help kids get started. 


It doesn’t take much effort to build a fort. The panels are predrilled with slots for the brackets and connectors. You can just place a connector into the yellow gap to link a second panel or in the red slot for a stronger connection. 


Let’s build on it. The braces go in just like the connectors. There are openings in each brace. It can withstand your child’s hard play because this Make a Fort kit is much stronger.

Each cardboard panel allows children to create the fort on their own. Its colorable designs provide hours of creative leisure.


The panel’s reverse side is an empty slate. It gives kids a chance to make something unique and fits their skills. Coloring the pictures is also a great way to spend quality time with your kid. 


The time has come to break out the crayons.

Your kids can use math skills when constructing a fort with a Make-A-Fort kit by counting the number of panels needed.


Also the joints and supports they will need to put together their fort.


Kids can learn through research and experimentation using construction toys. When the whole family works on a fort together, everyone may engage in exploration and play. 


Your kids will feel more confident when they make something fun and see that they can make something awesome. During this time, they enhance their hand-eye coordination, social intelligence, problem-solving abilities, and motor skills. 


Make-a-fort kits are great for families looking for a safe and entertaining activity to participate in together. The main point of these activities is to have fun without using a screen.

The construction and play of enormous forts, palaces, mazes, and tunnels are among the joys of childhood. Make-A-Fort is a fun way to encourage your kid’s creativity as they turn their bedroom into a fortress.


You should allow your child to discover something they built while growing their skills via great family fun. You can visit their website to see the many fort kit options and combinations available. 


We hope you’re able to make an informed decision about the Make a Fort kit being the best for your kiddo’s next exciting game.







8.5 /10


9 /10



Make-A-Fort says the three kits at a discount are their most common sellers. At first, we believed that a single kit might be enough. But once you get one you’ll see why it’s helpful to have multiple kits. 


They’ve created some pretty amazing kits and they’re eager to develop them further.

Extra resources for construction mean more room for creative design in the fort layout. This will let the kids’ imaginations run wild and let them build whatever they want. 


You can check all kits on their website.

The box claims that the kits are suitable for children ages 4 and older. As far as we can tell, young children will struggle a bit to construct a fort on their own. 


But if you have older kids around 6+ they should be able to do manage most of the fort building by themselves.

There are several possible layouts for the fort that kids may create using just one kit. The first time we’re setting up a fort with our kids, we go with the tried-and-true “Mansion Style Fort.”


However there are loads of different types you can build – some are:


Minecraft Creations (Fist Night House, Dirt House, Cave X3)

Original Creations (Haxagloo, Fun Maze, Mansion Fort)

Advanced Creations (Ket, Shark Fort, Tank)