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Power Pony Review

Purchasing a gift for your child can be difficult. Especially if they seem to have everything already! 


But one thing almost every girl likes is a pony. Now imagine being able to give her a pony without the dedication and time restraints of have having a real pony.


Even riding lessons can become a full time ordeal. Either way, if you want to teach you child to ride a real pony or not –  a Power Pony is a great way to start or to fulfil her desire.


The Power Pony is a great option for your kid and is probably the most advanced battery operated device.

Your child can use their imagination and develop their physical abilities with the Power Pony. 


It is well-known to have  positive effects on your kid’s growth and development whilst having a good time.

Unicorn Design

In this review we will be telling you everything you need to know about these Power Ponys so you can see how smart and fun they are.

What is the Power Pony

The Power Pony’s are safe ride-on devices with a plushy pony-like appearance. If your child loves ponies or horses, then the Power Pony is the solution to take them on a wild west journey. 


It’s a good option if you’re looking to spend some time outdoors (or even indoors). 


Mia, a five-year-old at the time came up with the concept. She likes horses and was always wanting to ride one.


With Mia at the helm she helped desgin the ride-on Power Pony for kids. They also come with a fantasic high quailty ZuME engine under the hood as well as interactive lights and sounds! 

It works with iOS and Android and is very responsive. They’re a great way to have a lot of fun on a wide variety of thrilling rides.


The Power Pony stands 20 inches at the withers and has a silky coat, tangle-free mane and tail. The pony is properly outfitted with a seat and gear, just like a riding horse would be.


They are foot-operated and the ZuME engine moves it in each of its front wheels. Once you get used to it it’s pretty easy to control and ride.

The rider’s feet are used to steer the pony in either the forward or reverse direction. 


Also, by putting weight on the toe of the foot in the desired direction, kids can move and spin the pony. 


You may customize your child’s riding experience on any rider ZuME item with the assistance of the ZuME iOS app

Riders can switch between Beginner (trot), Intermediate (gallop), and Advanced modes (race). If you choose the "PRO" mode, you can set the speed to anything you want.

The moment you turn on this Power Pony, it lights up with a variety of amazing sounds and blinking LED lights. 


Also, the ZuME Engine has custom responsive lights installed for maximum rider entertainment.


When a user presses the footpad of a ZuME engine, an audible beep will sound. 

Also, there are three possible meanings for the beeps:

  • First: You need to recharge your battery.
  • Second: The engine was raised and moved during its running.
  • Third: Calibration of the engine is required.

Certified Child Safe

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has examined and approved Power Pony for use by children.

If you’ve never ridden before, they advise starting on the beginner setting (Trot).


Then you can gradually move up to the faster levels (Gallop and Race) when you feel ready.

Your children should ride for a maximum of 60 minutes.

Different Types Of Ponies

Every horse roars when children hit the button on the horses' necks.

Also when children press the faces on the backside, they make galloping noises!

Riding Time

When using the Power Pony for the very first time it is best to let it fully charge.


This will ensure maximum efficiency and the best possible amount of playtime. You can expect 45-60 minutes of steady riding time from your Power Pony.


Exact performance will change depending on factors such as terrain, weather, rider weight and size.


Also it depends on how well you maintain the device.


Power Pony charging times can be anywhere from 45 minutes to 90 minutes. 

Your kids Power Pony can fully charge in less than 90 minutes. The Power Pony ZuME motor is powered by a UL2272-certified battery.


Overall, this is one of the best pony toys and might be a fantastic Christmas or birthday present for your child!


If you’re looking for a toy that your child will enjoy for a long time, we highly recommend the Power Pony.


Unlike many toys it gets your kids active and using their creativity. It’s a truly fun device that can be enjoyed both inside and outside.


We love that kids of all ages can enjoy it (even adults!), and we’re impressed by the sturdy construction.


We’re confident that your kids will have tons of fun with the Power pony. If you’re considering getting your kid a ride-on pony there are a couple things to consider.


Safety is always the most important thing. So, your children should always wear the right safety gear, like a certified safety helmet.


The ability of your child; do you think your child is old enough and capable of using a Power Pony? If you do – don’t hesitate in getting one!





9 /10


10 /10


8 /10



Does the Power Pony have a maximum age or weight limit?

The Power Pony can hold up to 200 pounds, but there is no height restriction.


They also say there’s no age restriction on riding a Power Pony. It’s up to parents make the decision based on their child’s ability.


They can be used by children of all ages, even adults who want to join in the fun!

Is assembly required for the Power Pony?

You can see that a lot of effort and care went into creating the Power Pony.


You won’t have any trouble putting it together, and setting it up is a breeze. It will take only 10 to 15 minutes to assemble.


What are the Power Pony’s dimensions?


The height between the ground and the saddle of the Power Pony is 20 inches. 


Also, it’s 24 inches long from the handle to the end of the tail. There is a 16-inch space between the floorboards and the saddle.