Kids Party Invitations

  • Invitations For Your Party

Party invitations can help to set the tone for your entire party. When children see an invitation that is just for them, they become even more excited about attending your child’s party. 


When it comes to kid’s birthday invitations, you have many choices. 


You can use the type of invitations that have been around for many years, which are the pre-printed kind that you can buy in quantity at any stationary store.

  • Other Methods To Invite Guests

You could also use the time- honoured method of inviting party guests via a telephone call or in person. 


Unless an adult receives this verbal invitation, you are taking a chance of the guest not attending because he or she forgot about the birthday party, or was not allowed to attend because his or her parents did not know anything about the party.

  • Electronic Invitations

If you happen to know that all of the children on your guest list come from homes that have access to the internet, use this fast, easy, and free method of distributing your birthday party invitations. 


A quick telephone call to the parents will get you this information. 


Once you have the email addresses of the guests in hand, you have the option of designing an invitation in Microsoft Word or Open Office, or using one of the online invitation services such as Evite in order to get the information to your guests.

  • Custom Printed Party Invitations

You also have the option of having party invitations custom printed. 


Many online printers will email proofs to you for your approval before doing the actual printing of the invitations. 


Most of the time, this type of invitation is very reasonable in price. Online printers pride themselves on the fast turnaround they are able to provide on invitation orders.


Your custom printed birthday party invitations can be in your hands in a matter of day. The fun part of using an online printer is the wide range of designs that are available.


You should have no problem finding a party invitation that is well suited to your party if this is the route you choose to take.

  • Design your Own Invitations

If your budget is not sufficient to handle the custom printed invitations or the pre-printed invitation, you have the option of making the invitations yourself. 


Do it yourself invitations are a wonderful way to have fun and be creative. All you need is a supply of blank invitation cards, plenty of ink for your printer, and some imagination.


You can also search the Internet to find free birthday card templates to use. Some already have designs and wording in place, and some do not. 


These templates make it very simple to make your birthday party invitations look the way you want them to. 


You can also make use of free clipart that is also online if you wish.

  • Homemade Paper Invitations

Paper invitations are nice when they are ready made, but you can really get creative if you make them yourself. 


You can get creative and fashion party invitations that go along with the party theme you have chosen.


If you are a member of one of the greeting card web sites like American Greetings or Hallmark, you can find party invitations that are ready for you to personalize and print.


This is a true time and money saver, and the finished product is quite pretty.