How We Rate

Last Revised: March 2024

There are dozens of brands offering products and services online, but it can be difficult to filter through
the endless information and verify its accuracy.


We have created comparison websites to help you compare key elements and features, and make an informed decision. Our goal is to save you time and effort by simplifying and clarifying the decision process, while choosing a service or product that suits your needs.


Trying to differentiate between all the available options is not easy. There are brands you might already be

familiar with, and that can be a good starting point, but how do you know that the brands shouting the loudest are really the best suited for your needs?


There are in fact huge differences between brands, including in the level of service, the terms and conditions, the specific features, and a whole host of other factors.


We have reviewers who perform market research, conduct in-depth analyses, aggregate data, and evaluate the information we collect. According to the evaluation, we present the brands that we believe offer high quality products and services.


There are quite a few aspects we consider when we review and rate, including our own subjective evaluation

and internal methodology. The following is an explanation the review, rating and scoring elements.

Our Review

The team researches, evaluates, and compares the key features of each brand, product, and service prior to
displaying it.

User’s Experience and Brands’ Reputation

User feedback and experience are important to us, so we take these into consideration when we rate products
and services.


We also encourage our users to rate, comment, and share their experiences on our site. These

reviews and ratings help us understand the popularity and quality of the product.


Where applicable, we will take into consideration the best price for a similar service.


We evaluate and compare each of the service or product’s features. We look at the features and elements that
are common or essential to each product or service type, aswell as special features that a brand, product,
or service provides.


Data gives us a clear picture of how our users feel about a particular brand. We can measure interest in each

product or service by observing the number of users who visit their website, as well as the conversion rate.


The conversion rate measures how many people sign up with – or purchase from – a brand after visiting their

website. In ourrating and scoring we take into consideration the conversion rates because we believe it is
an indication of its popularity, and thus, its value.


For example, if a specific service’ssite is accessed by a significant number of users, or has a significant amount of registered users, we believe it indicates users’ preference and satisfaction.

Advertising Fees

This website is an informative comparison site that aims to offer its users find helpful information regarding the products and offers that will be suitable for their needs.


We are able to maintain a free, high-quality service by receiving advertising fees from the brands and service providers we review on this website (though we may also review brands we are not engaged with).


These advertising fees, combined with our criteria and methodology, such as the conversion rates, our team of reviewer’s fi nding andsubjective experience and product popularity, impact the placement and position of the brands within the comparison table.


In the event rating or scoring are assigned by us, they are based on the position in the comparison table, or according to other formula inthe event specifically detailed by us. See our How we Rate (/how-we-rate/) page and Terms of Use (/terms-and-conditions/) for information.


The reviews, rating and scoringare provided “as-is” without guaranties or warranties regarding the information contained in our website, which shall not be considered as endorsement. We make the best efforts to keep the information up-to-date, however, an offer’s terms might changeat any time. We do not compare or include all service providers, brands and offers available in the market.


As you’ve probably worked out by now, reviewing and rating different types of products and services is not an exact science.


We strive to provide you with the most accurateand comprehensive information to enable you to make an informed and smart decision.


However, we would like to remind you that we are solely the provider of this informative website, thus, we encourage you to rely on several sources of information, and specifically, to review each offers’ full terms carefully, to make sure you understand them and that they suit your needs.


The full offers’ will be provided by the applicable service provider.


The reviews, rating and scoring are provided by us, “as-is”, and we hereby disclaim all expressed guarantees and warrants with regards to the information contained in our website. We make the best efforts to keep the information up-to-date and accurate.


However, a service or offer terms might change without our knowledge, and we do not compare or include all service providers on the market.


Your use of and reliance on theinformation displayed in the website is entirely at your own responsibility and risk and we suggest you read our Terms and Conditions (/terms-and-conditions/)

prior to your use.

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