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TonieBox Review

You’ve probably seen these “story box” gadgets all over your favorite social media sites. How exactly do tonies boxes function, and can toddlers use them comfortably? 


The tonies box is the prettiest kid-friendly digital listening gadget without a screen that helps kids develop their creativity.


The music and storytelling player are soft and squishy, making it ideal for baby ears. You can easily switch up your story by linking up your favorite Tonie characters at the Toniebox’s lid.


You can adjust the volume by pinching one side. Also, you can press the sides to skip to a different chapter and turn to forward or reverse.

What is the TonieBox?

When used in combination with the enormous collection of Tonies, the Tonie box appears to be alive. 


This is a cast of hand-painted characters who can entertain your kids for hours with their storylines, adventures, and songs. 


The Toniebox can keep all of your kid’s valuable characters thanks to the magnetic supports. This makes it easy for kids to switch stories whenever they wish. 


It is simple to link to Wi-Fi and only needs to be set up once. After that, you can use it without Wi-Fi. 


When fully charged, your wireless Toniebox can travel with you wherever you go. Let’s discuss Tonie Box in more detail.

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How Does the Tonies Box Work?

The Tonies box is a soft and strong-material-covered lightweight cube. It doesn’t break when you drop it and feels very well made. It makes us think of an enormous fluffy building brick. 


When we claim it’s durable, we mean it. You should not worry about them being damaged because they are robust and waterproof. 


There are six bright colors to choose from. The combination of bright colors and clean lines creates an aesthetically pleasing visual. But how does the tonies box work?

No Buttons and Screens

While you are observing the Toniebox, the lack of controls and displays may be the first thing that stands out.


The only buttons you’ll find are the volume controls—two greys “ears” perched on the box’s top. Your kid can turn the volume up by pressing the larger ear and can turn it down by pressing the tiny ear.


The volume varies from being extremely soft for bedtime stories to being moderately loud for a music party suitable for kids. Even more surprising is the high-quality sound output, given the device’s small stature.


You just need to set a single Tonies on the box’s lid to start a podcast or song. You can skip tunes or backtrack through stories by tapping the box on the side.


Kiddos as young as three or more can play with and enjoy the Tonies because they are hefty and well-made. After they reach a point where they can recognize between fictional characters.


They can operate the Toniebox. The Tonies are just mildly magnetized, so they remain in place even when moving the box. It is super simple, easy to use, and fun!

Tonies Box Magic

The Gruffalo story is like magic to our kids. Once they’ve set their Toniebox atop the Gruffalo-Tonie! 


It almost has the sensation of magic. Tonie is a web-based audio service. You’ll be asked to create an account when you first set up your Tonie Cloud. 


This is linked to your iTunes box through Wi-Fi. Each Tonie is equipped with an NFC chip, so the box can immediately identify which one is on top.


A Tonie’s sound will begin playing automatically upon initial use. But until the whole music file is downloaded, the Light on the box’s top will glow blue. 


The LED returns to green once the data has been successfully transferred to the system storage. The only time the Tonie box needs to be online is when it is downloading the important data for a brand-new Tonie.


Also, when you’ve changed something on a Creative Tonie (see below). Aside from that, you can take your Toniebox anywhere.


Your kids can take their favorite stories and tunes with them everywhere they go.

Tonibox is a great way to play with your children. It helps develop imagination and reduce "screen time". Fantastic fun educational toy!

Does the Tonies Box Have Batteries?

Thankfully, a charging port is included with the purchase of a Toniebox Basic Set. 


The station provides a safe place for your kids to utilize the Toniebox while it charges. The battery can power the device for up to 7 to 9 hours of audio playback when fully charged. 


It’s great for trips on the road. The included headphone jack is a lifesaver for those tiresome road trips.


Your child can tune in to anything they want without bothering you.

TonieBox Tonies: Play, Listen and Learn

The  term “Tonies” to describe the adorable figures used to play audio files such as books or music.


Tonies come in three varieties: Audiobook Tonies, Music Tonies, and Creative Tonies. 


The handpainted characters all appear to have their own distinct personalities.

AudioBook Tonies

The Audiobook Tonies is complete with famous voices you know and love.


You can pick their preferred story, whether it be The Highway Rat and Stickman for toddlers or The Little Prince for older kids.


We especially like the collections of fairy tales. Because many distinct classic tales are included in just one Tonie.

Music Tonies

Music Tonies are a family favorite in our house. Our baby girl loves to sing and dance a lot. Music tonie is her go-to music option. 


This time of year, the Christmas Tonie is our kid’s favorite. She sets this on whenever she’s unsure what song to play without considering the season. 


But there is a fantastic variety of musical tonies available. Music for every occasion, from birthdays to road trips to fun to lullabies.

Creative Tonies

If you ask us, Creative Tonies is the coolest thing ever created.


You and your children may make them into anything you like; they are the creative blank slate of audiobooks.


When you get your Creative Tonie for the first time, you sign it up in your Tonie cloud. At that point, you’ll be able to add your own music and sound effects.


Also, you can share your cloud storage with loved ones who live in other countries. After that, they might also surprise your children with a recorded message.


It’s never been simpler to read your grandkids a bedtime story from their far-away relatives. 


This really is the most admirable feature.


The market for children’s goods is booming, and every day brings news of a new toy or product.


People tell us that our kids need all of these things, and stores are full of them. We’re happy to see innovative products like the Toniebox made available to the public.


It simply checks all the criteria for our kids. It is safe for kids as young as three years old and more.


Also, it lasts a long time and is almost impossible to break. It’s also easy to carry, has an excellent design, and has a growing number of Tonies. 


Also, the tonies can be customized to your kids’ interests and age group. It quickly became one of our favorite toys that can be used in many ways. 


Even more so, the Creative Tonies create a special and personal bond between your family and kids. 


Also, you can use any Tonie you buy regardless of its language or country of origin. 


So, all in all, we like the tonies box a lot. The Tonies box is a true winner!







9 /10


8 /10