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Stair Slide Review

When you’re stuck indoors, it’s hard to find activities that you can let your children burn off their excessive energy. Sometimes the weather prevents you from going outside since it’s either too cold, too hot, rainy or snowing.


So you might just need something to keep the kids busy whilst you work. Or you might just need to keep your child busy inside while giving you a rest.


Luckily, there could be a solution if you install one of these indoor slides for children in your home. 


You can bring the excitement of an outside slide right into your own home. 

They’re especially great for days when it’s too hot, cold or dark to go outside.

The “Stair Slide” is a fantasic invention that converts your stairs into an instant slide. It’s perfect for kids and anyone else who wants to feel the rush of sliding!

We will review the Stair Slide in detail to determine whether or not it is worth buying.

Let’s start!

What is the StairSlide?

The stair slide is a type of slide that attaches to the rails of the staircase in your home.

The main benefit of the stair slide is that it’s not a digital device, meaning your kids get exercise and have fun using the slides (without even realising it), so it’s a win-win situation. 

The inventor got the idea after watching his young son run down and up the stairs. He figured that by using a stair slide there was little risk of him falling if he had lost his footing or slipped. 

So he came up with the idea of the StairSlide where all kids can enjoy sliding through the stairs as his did without having to watch your kids all the time.

Kids Having Fun

The ups and downs and back and forths are great fun for the kids.


What about parent concerns? 

It’s pretty obvious that anyone of any age can still get hurt on a staircase. But usually it’s very minor and not serious at all especially if your stairs are carpeted.

You install the StairSlide to your staircase by laying down the pieces and away you go!

The StairSlide is a fun way for your kids to slide down the stairs. It’s a win-win because parents can rest easy knowing their kids are safe.

It’s is built from high-quality plastic that will last for years. It’s durable enough to resist the abuse of most children. It’s great for when the weather is bad, when you can’t take the kids outdoors to play, or when they just need a playbreak.

They can support up to 175lbs in weight so pretty tough and can be enjoyed by children of all ages (even though they recommend 3 – 12 they’re usable by all ages).

Also they can be combined to fit a range of stair heights and can be combined with as many pieces as possible. A 4-piece slide can fit between 9 and 12 stairs. So it’s like turning your staircase into a big fun slide.

It has a bottom that doesn’t slip and is self-anchoring, so it stays put. This keeps the slide in place without having to install it permanently. It’s also compact and easy to store because it folds up and is stackable. 

This allows you to easily remove the slide whenever you need. The nonslip rubber feet to ensure a secure footing on both hard and soft flooring.

The self-anchoring layout uses special features to keep it from moving while we are using it. StairSlide can be used without requiring any permanent changes to your staircase.

The StairSlide is a fun and safe way to get your kids exercising up and down the stairs and is very lightweight and simple to assemble/disassemble.

The Stairslide is made of high-density ABS polymers, making it durable enough to sustain heavy use for years. This material is strong and cheaper than alternatives.

Overall, this is one of the best stair slides; your kids will love playing on it.

Stairslide Benefits:

  • Adjustable in length with non slip feet
  • Great safe way for kids to have fun indoors
  • Screen-free exercise all kids (and parents) to enjoy!

StairSlide Fun

You can even use them in other places, like making dens or, sliding off the bed, off cushions or even the sofa. Simple entertainment and great exercise for your kids!

StairSlide is fun for EVERYONE!!

The best part about these stair slides are they allow you to have a bit of piece and quiet to yourself. Kids can spend ages playing by themselves allowing you to get on with what you want to do (or just have a rest).


Indoor stair slides are an excellent choice for encouraging physical activity and creative activities among children. They’re a fun and secure way for kids to release excess energy. At the same time, it helps with coordination and balance.

The sturdy materials used in making a stairslide guarantee that it will survive for years. You can use them inside, which makes them a good choice for any home.

Stairslide is among the most popular items on the market. In conclusion, we believe the StairSlide to be an excellent item. It’s a terrific way to add some excitement to your stairwell, it’s simple to install, and it’s a great deal of fun.

The StairSlide is an excellent choice if you want to add fun to your staircase for the kids.












How Does StairSlide Work?

Just use them individually or link them together. If you have more stairs than StairSlides, simply “nest/link” them on top of each other. They’re all the same!

This means that a single StairSlide can be used on the first three steps, or four StairSlides can be used to cover the last eight or so steps. 

The StairSlide has a self-anchoring design that is protected by a pending patent. It helps when you’re using it, but you don’t have to leave it on your stairs forever. 

Their manual tell you exactly how to secure/remove quicklyy and easily.

Is StairSlide Safe to Use?

There is always some degree of risk involved when using any slide, but we think it’s minimal in this case.


StairSlide is unquestionably of of the most secure way for kids sliding. Also, you should keep in mind that the longer the length of the slide, the higher the speed. 


You should make sure your children bend their knees when they slide.

Is There a Limit on Weight or Age?

The company advises StairSlide for children aged 3 to 12. However it’s suitable for ALL ages to have fun on as it can safely sustain up to 175 pounds. So as long as you weight less than that you’re good to have a go!

How Big is a StairSlide?

The dimensions are about 109 centimeters in length, 48.3 centimeters in width, and 13 centimeters in depth for the seat. Also, It’s slightly over five pounds for a single StairSlide.