Gifts for Kids

Last updated: March, 2024

We have hand-picked a selection of the BEST kids toys to make any child’s special day EXTRA special. Most are suitable for all ages and even adults can play too!

We have hand-picked a selection of the BEST kids toys to make any child’s special day EXTRA special.

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If you’re about to buy a gift for your child, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. Choosing a great gift takes research, time, and thought. 

It’s easy to buy them something they ask for, but not nearly as awesome as getting them something they love. This can be tricky, though. You might have an idea of the gift you want to get them. 

But if it’s not the right one, they’ll just end up with something they won’t use. Many factors make a great gift for your child. These include their personality, likes and dislikes, hobbies, and the weather. 

These variables should be considered when picking the perfect gift for them. 

Here are a few tips on choosing the ideal gift for your child:

  • Identify Your Child's Interests

Some parents may find this easy since their children have expressed their interests through activities like music lessons, sports, and arts and crafts classes. 


Others may need help from their kids’ teachers, friends, or other family members who might know about their interests better than they do themselves. 


The best way to understand what interests your child is by asking them directly or observing them closely when they get excited about something new they’ve recently learned about or experienced.

  • Consider Their Age

If your child is still young, consider toys that encourage creativity and imagination — like art supplies, play kitchens, and other pretend-to-play items. 


As children age, they’ll appreciate more sophisticated toys that allow them to develop problem-solving and fine motor skills.

  • Know What They Want

Your child may have asked for a specific toy, or perhaps they’ve listed some items on their Christmas list. 


But if you’re not sure what they want, ask them! You might be surprised by what they say.

  • Take Advantage of Sales

Holiday deals can make it easy to find outstanding gifts at low prices — especially when you shop early in the season before everyone else starts looking for presents!

  • Make it Personal/Unique

If your child already has everything (or you’re just feeling lazy), then why not make your present personal/unique? 


It could be anything from a card to a custom-made necklace or even something like a playlist made especially for them. Or a cool toy that other kids don’t have.

  • Ask Your Child What They Want

This may sound obvious, but it’s surprising how often parents don’t ask their children what they’d like for a gift. 


An excellent way to do this is to ask them what they want while watching TV or playing on their phone just so they don’t feel pressured by the question and can choose something that they really want rather than something that you think they should want.

  • Think About What Your Child Likes

If you’re buying a gift for a toddler or preschooler, think about the things they love to do. 


Is it playing with blocks? Drawing? Playing with puzzles? Bike riding? Horse/pony riding?


If your child loves their favorite toy or game, they’ll be excited to see it under the tree on Christmas morning!

  • Be Careful With Toys With Too Many Parts and Pieces

While you might think that more is better, this isn’t true regarding toys for little kids.


The more pieces a toy has, the more likely they’ll get lost or broken!

  • Don't Forget About the Sensory Aspect of Gifts

Some kids love soft stuffed animals, while others prefer hard plastic ones. Some kids like musical toys, while others prefer books and puzzles. 


Try different toys until you find one that suits your child best.

  • Think About What They Already Have (and don't need)

Thinking about what your child already has before buying them something new is essential. 


For example, if they’re already well stocked with toys purchasing another “similar” toy might not be the best idea.


Maybe think about buying them something like a bike or scooter, it’s always good to help them learn new motor skills.


It all depends on the age of the child, ability and the occasion too.